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11th November `86.

"So many of my friends are dying from AIDS. Others won't last much longer, and I'm terrified that I'll be next. I know it's silly, but each time I've made love, I jump into the shower and scrub myself clean. Not that it's going to make any difference - I mean, if I've got it already, what can I do?" ...Freddie

"Once the Party's over, and you are left in the dark - life is still the same, ever diminishing, but never finishing - So much for the Throne" quote taken from the INNUENDOES book...


Please Note: The quote included below, is taken directly from the INNUENDOES book. It concerns AIDS - And whilst I don't wish to tell you how to live your life - there are some things that you should know...

Part Five

- 203 - (`23).

        The 12th of May 1984 saw the band attending the Golden Rose of Montreux. The band played several songs, all of which were mimed for the purpose of the show. The films for this show however, were the first public indication that Freddie had begun to show the symptoms of AIDS - with several markings becoming noticeably on his chest and arms. These patches on the skin are as a result of Kaposi's Sarcoma, which is Cancer of the Cells.

        When a person becomes infected with the H.I.V virus, within a few months they test as being H.I.V+ . Then after a period of between 5 to 10 years which is the average time it takes for the virus to eat away and convert their immune system into the AIDS virus, they then develop AIDS related ailments such as Kaposi's Sarcoma. Then from the onset of these symptoms, the person pending on their ability to fight disease, can live for anything up to 4 or 7 years. So in total, a person can live anywhere up to 17 years in total, with Aids. But however, it must be noted, that in some cases, people can go to the Grave, without ever having shown signs of Aids at all. And also it should be noted, that not all people, are susceptible to the Aids virus.

        Although the AIDS virus itself is very vulnerable and is easily destroyed in its true sense, it is easily caught and impossible at this moment in time, to cure. If for instance, the AIDS virus should enter via the mouth and then into the stomach, providing it does not enter the blood stream, it is destroyed by the Acids within the stomach. But if however, it should enter via any veins, and/or should gain contact with any thin skin, it enters the blood stream and then travels onto the immune system, which it feeds upon.

        The AIDS virus effectively converts the immune system into that of itself, until there is no more immune system to be had. The AIDS virus waits within your body until you get an illness such as the common cold, which is when your immune system goes into battle against the cold. The immune system is then ambushed and fed upon by the AIDS virus, which changes the Electromagnetics (energy) of the immune system into that of itself.

        It should be explained that most illness within any given thing or person are caused by one of two things. One of which is something else that is living, which is Electromagnetic. The other is something that causes an effect within your body, which your body then reacts against and this is normally Electrical. The way in which your immune system works, is that it recognises bugs by the way they act, and if that bug acts differently from the body it is in, then the immune system reacts against it. And because most bugs are Electrical meaning that they throw energy off, the immune system is able to recognise this fact, which causes it to reaction.

        The immune system itself is Magnetic, which means that it draws energy in towards itself and because the foreign body or bug is throwing off energy, the immune system recognises this fact and attacks it. Basically it does this, by wrapping the bug in a Magnetic substance, which lasts long enough for the bug to travel out of the body or host. But because the AIDS virus is Magnetic just like the immune system, the immune system therefore fails to recognise the AIDS virus as a foreign bug. Meanwhile the AIDS virus being Magnetic draws upon the energy within the Immune system, causing it to become obsolete.

        The immune system however being Magnetic also, draws back on the AIDS virus, the type or pattern of energy of which then transfers back to the immune system, which in effect causes the immune system to become part of the AIDS virus. And because you only have a certain supply of the immune system, it isn't too long before the AIDS virus has completely eaten it all away. The only way in which the AIDS virus can be combated, is by highlighting its presence by feeding it with another type of Electrical pattern or energy. In simple terms, by force feeding the AIDS virus a different form of energy, it will highlight its presence to the immune system, which will therefore cause the immune system to react.

        At the moment many experiments are being carried out against AIDS, but as yet, no cure is available. This in the main, is because they do not really understand how AIDS works, which is why they can not find the cure. You may be wondering about the explanation which you have just read, but it should be pointed out that this explanation how ever dense, has come as a result of the Book of `RAZ. And a fuller copy of this explanation was sent to the government, but they replied to it, by saying that they were not in a

position to either publish the findings, and or do anything about it. I did however, try to explain that I was only a house wife and wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with this information either, but the government advised me that I should just try to find a publisher. So after having received 3 letters in all from them, I have decided to include this information in this book in the hope that someone out there will know what to do with it.

        The only real treatment against AIDS at the present, is to give the person a course of Medication which suppresses the immune system, which means that the Medication stops the immune system from coming out to work. This in effect slows down the attacks from the AIDS Virus, but however, this only prolongs your life, it doesn't save it. But once the AIDS virus has eaten the immune system, you can then die from anything as simple as the common cold. There are many side effects from this type of Medication, one of which is the swelling up of the body, which gives the person the look of putting on weight.

        This is due to the fact that they begin to retain water, which gives their body a bloated look and it also makes their face look puffy. Freddie appeared to began to show these side effects in 1984, and as seen in pictures and on film, he looks very puffy around the face, and appears to have put on a couple of stone over night. The markings on his body remained for several years, until he begun to have a special form of treatment which is normally used to remove Birthmarks. This treatment works in the same fashion as lazer treatment, in which a lazer is used to break up the coloration beneath the skin.

        Apart from these types of Treatments, Freddie also began to use various types of makeup to cover these markings. The type of makeup used, is known as Stage Makeup, whereby most of it is oil based, as opposed to water based, and so it covers more thickly the area to which it is applied. Freddie came very close to Death in 1989, which was when he lost an incredible amount of weight and became very ill indeed. But he pulled through and survived this terrible disease for another 2 years, which it might be added, was through his own sheer determination to fight on.


If you are dying from AIDS, or any other Disease, there are three pieces of Advice that I personally give to you...

"The most important thing to achieve before death, is the state of realisation - meaning the power of acceptance as to what you have become, and what you have done, with no hidden regrets or guilt"...

"If you can touch and feel something then it is real - and with `RAZ which is just a doorway, you can do both - There is an Afterlife out there if you want it - you decide. Remember you yourself are not dying, you just leave behind a dead body leaving you free to move on"...

"Likewise you should also remember - That although there are many things that have happened to you throughout your life here - At the End of the Day, you are still who you once were - the rest is just experience"...