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This Website features the book 
"Queen & Freddie Mercury - INNUENDOES"...  ISBN 0-9531189-75 
Available online at most Online Book Shops -
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Much has been written about Freddie Mercury and even Queen - But not all has been said. This site which is the Official Web Site, contains just some extracts taken from the book called INNUENDOES - ISBN - 0-9531189-7-5. But be warned before you go any further, because as Freddie says, "You Might Get Fried".



Many legends and theories are linked to Zoroaster, who was the Prophet of the Zoroastrian Faith. Zoroaster has been referred to as the Phoenix (re: Queen Music), and also the Bird in Flight (re: Bible etc.). In the Zoroastrian Faith, Zoroaster is depicted as a Bird in Flight, that bird being an Eagle, and throughout history, this image has been carved out on rock faces throughout Asian countries. His other title, is the Golden Man, and/or the Golden Bird in Flight. He has many ties with the `Magi who are a selected group of People who are famed for in amongst other things - their Magic, and abilities to achieve Spiritual Travel - As did Zoroaster. In this day and age, Spiritual Travel would be known as Paranormal Events, such as Ghosts etc. re: My Fairy Ring, Bohemian Rhapsody and the video for the Game etc.). But however perhaps their most prominent deed to date, was when on the instructions of Zoroaster, they followed the stars, and recognised Jesus when he was born. In the Bible, they are better known as the Three Wise Men, or Kings (the 3 Saviours/Frogs, re: the songs Mad the Swine, Jesus, My Fairy King, Princes of the Universe etc). 

The birth of Jesus was predicted by the Prophet Zoroaster, and many believed that Jesus was in fact the reincarnation of Zoroaster, but because of the Religious upheavals at that time, they left the child in the care of the Jews. Zoroaster was to be born, Seven times, as Seven Sons. But however, his last showing, was to be done via the House Wife, who in the story of Queen Music, has been code named the Fried Chicken (One Vision) or Lily as in the song Lily Of The Valley, the name of which means, Ladder to the Heavens. Zoroaster who is known in amongst other things as the Phoenix, is very prominent throughout Queen Music, and as stated, can easily be spotted in songs such as My Fairy King, Lily Of The Valley, One Vision etc. 

The song My Fairy King, concerns the original death of Zoroaster and the song simply tells the story of the Prophet, who was as the song states, stabbed to death whilst praying at the alter. Whilst in the songs such as Lily Of The Valley and In The Lap Of The Gods, which concerns the final reincarnation of Zoroaster - Zoroaster, is portrayed by Freddie who takes on the role of the Phoenix. Mercury, it should be noted, means Messenger Of The Gods, as was Zoroaster. 

At the `End Of Time, which is when he passes over (dies), Zoroaster comes back to the House Wife Lily, and it is through Lily, that the Phoenix (Zoroaster) makes his final showing. This again is referred to in such songs as March Of The Black Queen (Ahriman), and Seven Seas Of Rhye, The Hero, The Invisible Man, Headlong etc. 

Please note that in the song Headlong, the man with a "Stick in his Hand" is Mercury, the stick being his Mic (Sword, as in Michael). Whilst the "Woman with a Hot Dog Stand" is Lily, and she makes a Stand on the Dog - Dog being one of Mercury's Star Signs. 

Lily has been referred to as the Fried Chicken (One Vision) and as the House Wife. She has also been referred to as Mother Mary, Mother Mercury, the RED Dragon and the Monkey (as in Monkey Business). She is the Little Fairy (Angel) who Freddie depicted sitting in the "Q" in the Queen Emblem. On later album covers however, she is simply depicted as the Crown, which stands for Queen. 

For she being the House Wife represents him (Phoenix), just as he represents her (Queen). Then just as it is stated in The March Of The Black Queen, at the `End of Time, they swap roles (he becoming Ahura the White Queen, she becoming Ahriman the Black Queen), and he gives her information, and the Secrets of God are unravelled (re: Bible). And this brings about the final conclusion of all Religions. 

But however, on the final Queen album/CD "Queen Rocks" as in we will rock you, the Queen emblem or logo has changed to quite some degree, from the normal Queen Logo or Queen Emblem. The characters have all appeared to come to life, and are running away from the central character "The Queen" or Lily. The reason for this is that she has exploded (as in the Saturn bomb). This cover was temporarily changed however, to depict only the Phoenix - who looks somewhat Blood thirsty - for he comes back to get her (re: 7 C's of Rhye, because Lily acts as his Bait). But however, Queen have now re-consigned the original Cover to this album - Queen Rocks. And so the "Saturn Bomb exploding" has been re-instated. All that this really means or indicates, is that Lily is talking or rather writing the Scrolls, or rather in this day and age, it means that she is writing the Books - re: Revelation (the Bible). In short, she is just telling you, Freddie's side of the story and of his Fairy Tale, and is putting it down into words as in Books.

The book INNUENDOES, which is named after the Queen song Innuendo, gives the complete history of the Lily and Phoenix story, as done via Music. As well telling this story, the book is also biographical and so tells you both Freddie's life history and that of Lily. 

Please note, that whilst reading the book, also remember to read the story between the lines. That way, you will unravel the entire riddle within the book itself. Also remember to go back and read the book again. This way, although you will be reading the self same words, the whole story itself changes, and you will then be reading the underlying story - that is, the story that is hidden from normal view - hence riddle - or rather Freddie's so-called Fairy Tale.