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This Website features the book 
"Queen & Freddie Mercury - INNUENDOES"...  ISBN 0-9531189-75 
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It should be explained before we go any further, that the Queen Concept is perhaps, one of the weirdest stories to come to light since Queen the pop group began. But however, your job as the Detective, is to work out the riddle held within the book INNUENDOES - ISBN - 0-9531189-7-5. This in itself, is not an easy task, but however, it is easy once you understand the main Frame work in which Freddie's so-called Fairy Tale sits. The Queen concept comes under the title of the Phoenix and Lily story to enable easier understanding for both the reader of the book, and for the listener of Queen Music.


Queen concept

Many of the facts in the book of INNUENDOES, will shock some readers - whilst others will find it absolutely fascinating. And although this book has been approved by many, it has upset and dismayed a few, mainly the Religious who feel that the "Queen Concept" over steps the mark! - Just slightly! For example, here is just a part of the Framework in which the story sits, and this concerns the Book of Revelation of the Bible. 



Revelation v4 - The 4 Creatures (men) who are standing on or around the Throne (stage) are singing.

Revelation v7 - There are 144,000 Angels (people) standing in front of the Throne (stage) and they are singing.

As to who the four men are singing to, it's obviously the crowd in front of them (A Concert). The reason why the Stage is a Throne, is because that is where you would find Queen.

A Throne is also known as a platform or Stage. If you reverse the word `Angels on the `Numbers Game, it reverses as N.A.T.R.Y.F which rearranged makes the words - TRY FAN, which means that the 144,000 Angels are 144,000 Queen Fans from all 4 corners of the world. The Flashes of Lighting and rumbling etc. as mentioned in both Revelations and the song Bohemian Rhapsody, is the light show. 


Just to read the above, would amuse some, whilst others will feel dismayed - So now you know where I'm coming from, when I say that this is Weird. But however, the book does bear a lot of facts, which can be backed up. This in itself leaves the Reader feeling somewhat confused and possible even running for the nearest straitjacket. But, if you think that the above, is strange, "You ain't seen nothing yet".

Anyway, it should be noted that this is not a religious book at all, it's just life. Also you should remember that this is for real, it is not made up - it is all of Fact. As for the religious side of Freddie's story, well it was his religion - So think on...