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Electric Fire

This billing and description of the new Roger Taylor album Electric Fire, has been included within the INNUENDOES site, on the request of Kim - some of you may recognise Kim as being referred to as Crumpet on the Roger Taylor web chat... Kim is also linked to this site, and has her banner on my Specialised Queen sites (Links page). Anyway, in short, Kim challenged me a while a go, to describe how Roger's album (Electric Fire) would fit into the Lily and Phoenix Story which is just one of the subjects covered in the Queen and Freddie Mercury book INNUENDOES. So as stated, I have written this especially for her - but I have included it here within, for you to read... And although I had thought to tone this article down somewhat (remembering that this is a private article meant for Kim only), I have decided to leave it pretty much alone and have only changed it a little bit and have added to it slightly, to make it easier for you all to follow.

All the best -


P.S. Oh yea, before I forget, I feel I should mention that the term "All the Best" is a phrase that I always use on this Website, in answer to people who write to me. All the Best, is an English term, which basically means, "May you have the best of everything" and/or "Sending you my best wishes". When you visit Roger's personal Website, you will see many phrases that parallel with the information held within this Website. But however, it should be made clear, that most of this Website, is based on quotes and information taken from the INNUENDOES book which was written well before Roger ever made his Website and/or his new album. So you shouldn't make too much out of the fact that Roger uses the same terminology as I do. But then again, on the other hand, just because someone is a pop star, doesn't mean that they don't know how to use the Internet or read for that matter. Remember that the INNUENDOES book (complete with this internet address) was made available to Queen quite some time ago now. Remember, just as before, it is your task as the Detective, to work out exactly what Roger and Brian's role is, in all of this stuff. I am not going to tell you either way, and the reason why I can't tell you, is quite simply because I don't know, so you are just going to have to figure it out for yourself. Oh by the way, for those of you who understand how the game works, you may be wondering if I asked Roger a Trick Question. The trick question was on the word Cricket, which was a term that just popped up in my mind at the time of asking. The term in my mind at the time, concerned an in joke "It's simply not Cricket My Dear". What this means, is that something isn't of the norm, in other words, it's not normal. So if you are into Cricket, you would be someone who likes things which are normal, if not, then you would be into things that are not run of the mill or normal. I've recently sat back and wondered if there was anything more to the word Cricket and wondered if it was in fact a `Key word, so I ran it through the `Numbers Game, and in amongst many of the words that came from the numbers for the word Cricket was the word Fire. So in short, what I was basically asking Roger, was if he was into Fire. Fire is actually male - Whoops, sorry Roger...


Electric Fire (Re: London Town C'mon down)...

This is the title of Roger's new Album. Apart from being something, which you sit in front of to keep warm, the title "Electric Fire" also has another meaning. Electric is the Spirit. Fire is Male - So an Electric Fire is a Male Spirit - as is Roger, Brian and Freddie... As for Lily, well she is known as a Muse, which means an inspiration - the Spirit in the Music.


Pressure On (re: Under Pressure)

Roger under stress...

You may wonder why Roger might be under pressure. Well, from the point of view of INNUENDOES and in story form at least, Roger has every right to worry and feel under pressure, because Lily tells his story along with the story as belonging to the rest of Queen. Lily is the sort of person, Angel or Spirit if you prefer, who can look into a person and see right into them and see even their darkest secrets. In the theme of Queen Music (the Lily and Phoenix Story re: INNUENDOES), she gives the Secrets of GOD away to Mankind and as such, the Mysteries of GOD are unravelled - hence The Book of `RAZ (re: The March Of The Black Queen - and so it comes down). So keeping this in mind, it would be no surprise that Roger would perhaps fear "the Analyser" - the one who Analyses everything including Freddie... What will she write, what will she find, what will she learn, but most of all - what will she reveal to the public about Queen and so the questions go on, and on, and on...

Re: Mind Games. Within the Lily and Phoenix Story, Lily has 3 main working Angels or Spirits, who guide her, and help her (re: The March Of The Black Queen etc.). Within the theme of Queen Music, Roger, Brian and Freddie are these 3 Spirits. They are also known as Frogs, whilst Lily is also known as the Dragon. Re: the Bible/Revelations: The Dragon with 3 Frogs coming out of its mouth. All that this means, is that by having 3 Frogs coming out of her mouth, Lily (the Dragon) is talking about Roger, Brian, and Freddie - hence the book INNUENDOES, which is all about Queen and Freddie.

Freddie comes under the title of the Phoenix and as some of you might also know, within Christian Religion, he is known as The Spirit or Ghost (The Invisible Man), whilst Lily is known as the Bride or The Little Angel. And in amongst many things, together they also constitute and implement the Final Resurrection of all Mankind both past and present and each person gains their rightful placing within the Afterlife. The other duty of the Phoenix and Lily is to open a Spiritual door, which no one can ever shut. This Spiritual door is known as `RAZ. The pressure truly is on, after all, what would happen if Lily didn't show up at all... Twenty years down the pan, and all for nothing - that's one hell of a gamble.


A Nation Of Haircuts

In the Lily and Phoenix Story, this song is dedicated over to Jarvis Cocker - Re: "You're so Fucking Cool" - Meow!!!. Well, Jarvis is cool actually, and as such he owns one of the 24 Thrones (stage) and he is an Adviser (re: Revelations of the Bible) and at least he's given me more directive support Musically than Queen ever did - Meow indeed!!!. I personally consider Jarvis to be pretty psychic, I played Mind Games on him for a while back there, and coincidentally or otherwise, he wrote a song called Sylvia, which is my name. And he even managed to get all of my details right - Even down to the fact that when I went out on a spree of night-clubbing (1994/95), I'd had a haircut and had cut my own hair really short just as it was in 1976. As for Jarvis (in song form) having a go at the man I'm talking to - well that could be one of two people. It would either be the bloke in the Night-club who was chatting me up, or it's Freddie. And Jarvis was right, Freddie didn't give a toss about me - he just wanted the coincidence and the dirt that went with it - but then there's nothing new in that, so I guess it's no big deal (Freedom Train)...

The rest of Jarvis Cocker's album (This is Hardcore) fits in with the Lily and the Phoenix Story. And when Jarvis sings "I'm not Jesus, though I have the same initials" (Dishes) he's right, he isn't Jesus. As for me getting things wrong, well both Roger and Jarvis are right about that, I did get the Jesus thingy a bit wrong. But then let's face it, who in their right mind would carry the can for being Jesus, let alone talk about it (Re: Mad The Swine). I won't tell you anymore than that, apart from the fact that Jesus is suppose to come back, but this time, Jesus is disguised. I'm afraid you're going to have to work out that riddle as well. By the way, if you can't find the album This is Hardcore in the shops, then search for it on the Internet and download the Music Files - You really need to hear this to believe it - And it's great Music as well...

As for have I ever met Jarvis before or even Queen for that matter, well the answer to that question is a bit obvious really. But let's just say for the record, that whilst I have met many famous people some of whom are mentioned on this page - I just tend to block out most of my history, but then who can blame me - Re: "The Famous People Attack!!!." Note: that Jarvis is also known in other quarters, as the Young Virgo.

Anyway, getting back to the rest of Roger's song A Nation Of Haircuts where he sings "I said a Keith Richards not a Cliff Richards" - In story form, this is in reference to the meeting between the Blond Haired Angel (1976) and Lily. The Angel turns to Lily and says "When you get older, follow a pop group and you will find Jesus". He then turns to the little girl Lily, and tells her to keep his words a secret. When she gets back to the rest of the Christian's at the Bible meeting and she tells them what the Angel said, they turn and say that he must have been referring to Cliff Richards. But in light of the book INNUENDOES and its association with Queen, it was obviously Queen that the so-called Blond Haired Angel was referring to: "Follow Queen, and you will find Jesus"...

Re: "I said Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) not Cliff Richards" = Rolling Stones = Living Stone (Bible = re: Peter, The Living Stone and the Holy Nation). Re: the Living Stone, well my surname is Livingstone and I am the writer of INNUENDOES. I also play the role of that so-called coincidental Lily. The reason I have been requested to play the role of Lily is to merely fill in the missing pieces of Freddie's so-called Fairy Tale.

As for that Holy Nation that GOD at the time didn't recognise (re: Peter of the Bible), they are the Persians (Zoroastrianism = Freddie - The Great Bear). Please note that it wasn't the Christians that GOD was referring to, after all, GOD was already talking to them and the Christians don't perform feats of Magic. The Peculiar Nation also mentioned in the Bible, is You, all of You - This Generation, our Generation - A Generation lost in Space... re: the Don McLean song Miss "American Pie"... The song American Pie gives you all of the code words that you need to solve the Queen Riddle as in the Lily and Phoenix Story.


Believe in Yourself

This is a get up and stand tall song... From the point of view of Lily - "Get up Lily, and do your stuff!"... Yow people, believe in yourself, yea right, that's easier said than done, when the stack's pilled against you.

People with problems, people down streets, people down your way, people you meet etc. Collectors of Stamps = Freddie. Leopards with spots on (re: Hazel O'Connor song "EE I ADDIO" the equivalent to Roger's song Surrender). Tramps = Queen (re: A Kind of Magic video). Unpleasant Neighbours, Ghosts. Pets. Vets. Elsie and Stan are from Coronation Street = Break Free Video which was based on this T.V program. Desperate Dan (Danny Little Brother, star sign Dog re: Tie your Mother down).



This song basically runs on the same lines as the Hazel O'Connor song "EE I ADDIO" (album Cover Plus) - Complete with the Leopard who can't change it's spots, and the Tiger who can't it's strips. This song is about violent within the family environment.

In reality, Lily like many children comes from a broken home. A Drunken Husband who beats everyone up - You surrender to his beatings and his punching - You roll under the bed to escape his belt, but still the leather cuts into your back. You are four years old, and they take a horsewhip to your back, only your blood makes them realise the extent of their crime. Being abused as a child - results in you having what Roger calls a Scarred Mind. They say they love you, then they belt you till you bleed - this results in you becoming immune to Love, which is what Roger terms as being Blind to Love.

Then when you grow up and you move on - they can't get you anymore - But it still hurts and still it keeps on (re: Run Away - Hazel O'Connor/album Cover Plus). The lesson here is be very careful what you do with your children and be very careful what you put them through, because even though the body may heal, the mind never forgets - and so the stone bleeds...

Within the Lily and Phoenix Story, because of all of the child abuse and sexual abuse (on both parts) this results in the biggest Cosmic Battle of all - The Denial Of Love, both Black and White.

Re: the poem below which was included in The `MAY Project, which was a book written in 1993 and sent by myself, to Queen via Mary Austin for their consideration. This same poem can also be found in the book INNUENDOES... You can also however coincidentally track this poem down in Roger's other album Happiness? And this poem - Love....Who Needs It Anyway?.... I suppose you could say if you were of the mind to, was what Roger's song Loneliness was in direct response to - So much for Happiness? - Try HELL..........


Love!....Who Needs It Anyway?....

Love is a falsehood - Somewhere to hide - Someone to blame - And always in shame. I never believed - Only tried it twice - One gave me babies - The other his plight.

Personally - Loneliness is the greatest pleasure - To have no one hassling you - Or better still - To have no more bars, no more locks, but most of all, no more prison sentence.

My perfect heaven is one that is empty - No more people - No more pain - No more laughter - No more me. They tell me - they'll never let me out - Too much Knowledge - Too many Keys - So I'll keep on running - Never time to hide - I'll just go underground to save my pride.

Happiness, is Hell in itself - time to unwind - So unnatural - So unkind. Much Better to fight - Much better to run - Much better to argue - Much more fun.

I don't want love - I never did - It hurts - But still it keeps on. Go away and leave me alone - No more pain please - No more love - Only truth as it stands. You hate me - Then I'll be happy - But deep inside, where I hide, I'll be devastated - Then I suppose I'll say that I hate you - Whereas in Truth, I'll only be lying.

But then I guess I always was A.W.L - Born to Run - born to Fail - GOD I feel Shitty.

....Ahriman (The Antichrist?). Spell Cast...1993.

1995 - I guess loneliness found its curse.......or its cure as the case may be and so it comes down - GOD help us.


I should just explain briefly, that within the book The `MAY Project which was sent to Queen after I had finished it in 1993, I wrote that Loneliness was just a state of Mind - which it is. So once more I write in reply to the song Loneliness, where Roger seems a little put out when I say that Loneliness is all in the Mind – Well it is... So in a bid to make it clear - I’ll try to explain it again as I did then and this answer might also help to explain Freddie’s main Fear or should that be Worry, which in short is being rejected by someone who he truly loves.

Loneliness is brought on by the need to feel wanted. And you're only lonely if the person who you want does not want you, or if you can't get to them, and the more you want that someone - the lonelier you get, and this is just what happened to Freddie, he wanted someone in life that he wasn't allowed to have. Those of you who understand the background to the Lily and Phoenix Story, will also understand that this is indeed a self-made trap...


People On Streets

This song basically just says, "People get your shit together" - "Reality Stinks" - "Face Reality"...

There is a reference in this song to the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty "All the Kings (Queen's) horses and all the Kings (Queen's) men couldn't put Humpty together again" - Real broken... This has two sides to it. In story form the girl sings Humpty Dumpty as a type of Down Cast (as a piss take) towards the Jester (Phoenix/Freddie). Humpty Dumpty is the Egg - The Cosmic Egg - The Cosmic Egg is often depicted as the Earth (re: Innuendo album cover) and it represents the Phoenix being reborn... Unfortunately, when the Egg (Queen) is cracked open instead of revealing Heaven, all that is revealed is Hell - re: The Fairy Feller's-Master-Stroke - Reality stinks... Is this The World We Created...?

The Brother's in Time, is in reference to Brothers In Arms (Dire Straits Album and Song). Listen to the words in the song Brothers In Arms, and understand the meaning. Take notice of all the background noises within this song, notice the Sea, the Thunder and if possible, watch the video. Just out of interest, there is a small rift at the end of the song People on the Streets, which comes from the Red Hot Chill Peppers song Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic - re: Top, Pix, Fax, Info - which was Roger's original suggestion for the naming of Queen I.

Just in case you are wondering about the more obvious point to this song, well you can find it in the references made to all of the difference show hosts and famous people - all of them and I do mean everybody not just the ones listed. This is all to do with the Predictions made over 2000 years ago, which is now coming to pass, in other words - It's coming down!!!... Every single religion, every single myth, legend, Tarot card - everything fits - this even includes such things as Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes - everything fits into the Lily and Phoenix story and into the 2000 year old prediction - And I do mean everything. You watch the adverts on T.V - you watch the number plates on the Cars for instance. The Numbers ALL fit. You watch a program on T.V - there are clues, numbers and references for the Lily and Phoenix story everywhere you look. Everywhere you go, it's there, everything you see, it will be there. It's a sign, so be warned - "It's coming down" and this is for real - it's here.


The Whisperers

It is believed that Roger wrote this song, after watching a film. Other information is as so... Zoroaster the Prophet of the Zoroastrian Faith, was a Horse Whisper. He saved the King's Horse from dying, and by doing so, gained the trust of the King. The King then allowed Zoroaster to implement the Zoroastrian Faith throughout Persian. Zoroaster is also known as The Fried Chicken (One Vision) and this is who Freddie was looking for in One Vision and in Mustapha. Mustapha by the way is a prayer as set to music and he prays for the safe return/reincarnation of this Prophet. And Zoroaster makes his final showing through the House Wife, who we know as Lily, and it is her task to give the secrets of GOD away (re: The March Of The Black Queen etc). Zoroastrianism by the way, was the Faith that Freddie was born into and Freddie was a Persian.

The other meaning to the song The Whisperers, is as so. A Horse Whisperer, is someone who calms down and helps to tame a wild or an abused Horse, by earning it's trust. For a Wild or an Abused Horse trusts no one - it runs Wild and Free (re: Wild As The Wind - Bonjovi). In Revelations, Lily is the Horse whom the Phoenix (code name Michael) rides to his victory. Lily is the Horse, and Roger, Brian and Freddie, are the Horse Whisperers and they tame the Dragon (Lily). The Dragon then becomes as a horse, and the Phoenix gains victory.


Is It Me?

Obviously in real terms, one could just say that Roger writes this song about his relationship between himself and his partner. But I include the Lily and Phoenix slant as written from Roger's questioned point of view, to this song for good measure, remembering that Roger is in story form, connected mentally to Lily the girl. Re: - Roger songs: - Heaven For Everyone / Radio Ga Ga / Ride The Wild Wind / Innuendo / Where Are You Now? (We Need You) etc.

Apart from being her main Guides or Advisors as it's put in the Bible, they are also there to help her overcome things in life. So obviously what ever happens to her, and what ever she goes through etc., would therefore technically effect Roger as well as having an effect on Brian and Freddie. And keeping this in mind, you'll remember that self-made Trap that I talked about, the one that makes you feel Lonely. Remember - Loneliness is brought on by the need to feel wanted. And you're only lonely if the person who you want does not want you, or if you can't get to them, and the more you want that someone - the lonelier you get. So keeping this in mind, is it any wonder that Roger should write: - "So Lonely, I'm so lonely, is it me? Or is it you?"

Anyway within this Self-made Trap of Freddie's - in story form and song form, Freddie returns to the girl's side after he has passed over (died). And the thing that pulls them back together, is quite simply their need for each other, and the more they need each other, the Lonelier they get and the harder they pull on each other in a bid to over come the barriers between them. Apart from the denial of love, the other barrier in place, is obviously the one between life and death.

Written right on the very end of the Poem Love!....Who Needs It Anyway?.... is the line "1995 - I guess loneliness found its curse.......or its cure as the case may be and so it comes down - GOD help us".

Within the Lily and Phoenix story, the only person who can make Lily feel lonely is the Phoenix, because she is blind to love as Roger puts it. Quite simply, she doesn't need anyone (I Want To Break Free), but however the Phoenix counteracts her attitude by making her need him. She herself sees Love as an Ahriman because he is the only one that can "Breakthru" her defensive barriers (The Hitman). But in truth, she is the real Ahriman because of her denial of love or rather her denial for the need of love. So the way in which the Phoenix causes her to need him, is each time he approaches her, he tears down one of her Barriers (The Hitman) and puts his trust and his reassurance in its place (Keep Passing the open Windows / Hammer to Fall anaesthetic = love). His reassurance or so-called anaesthetic, she then comes to rely on, and in affect, they actively become addicted to each other (Bad Medicine - Bonjovi).

So in reality, the nearer the Phoenix gets to her, the Lonelier she gets - hence the "I don't want love - I never did - It hurts - But still it keeps on. Go away and leave me alone - No more pain please - No more love - Only truth as it stands. You hate me - Then I'll be happy - But deep inside, where I hide, I'll be devastated - Then I suppose I'll say that I hate you - Whereas in Truth, I'll only be lying". "But then I guess I always was A.W.L - Born to Run - born to Fail - GOD I feel Shitty".

A.W.L means "Absent Without Leave", in other words, you've run away - and she ran away from him... (re: Run Away - Hazel O'Connor/album Cover Plus). This is why the song Who Need's It (Hazel O'Connor/album Breaking Glass) was signed over to Freddie - by the way, the mushroom Tower (cloud) in the song Who Need's It, is the same one that is referred to in the song Hammer to Fall.

And because of her rejection of him (The Great Pretender), this causes Freddie to become even more determined to win her over and it is Freddie's determination to win, which becomes his obsession (Bad Medicine - Bonjovi). This is the sole reason why Freddie never settled down with anybody during his lifetime, because quite simply, he was looking for someone who technically didn't exist.

In story form, Lily is the sort of character who is forever changing. So just as he thinks he has got her sussed, she changes and this creates even more problems for him to solve and overcome - so in effect, his obsession with her just grows and grows, just as it did during his lifetime (Keep Passing The Open Windows).

The only way they can cure each other's Loneliness, is if they can cross over the barriers between life and death. In story form, GOD has got his foot on Lily's head meaning he prevents her from dying, and there are two main reasons for this. The first is due to the fact that if Lily died, being a Free Spirit, she chooses to be dead when she dies, meaning no Afterlife. This is because she finds it easier to contemplate the idea of non-existence, than to "Face the Truth" where the Phoenix and the rest of it is concerned. The second reason for this is because the Phoenix is under obligation to come back to us, in a bid to prove Life After Death. This in short, means that the Phoenix has to return to the Land Of The Living to be by her side as she is his point of entry - re: songs such as Love Of My Life etc. That's the reason why the lily and Phoenix story, is known as a self-made Trap and this is quite simply because it's Freddie's Trap - Freddie set the trap himself many years ago, and Freddie sprung the Trap, and Lily acts as the Bait (re: 7 C's of Rhye).

And in short, in story form, Roger (as well as Brian), is on the receiving end of all of these emotions - which is why Roger writes, "So Lonely, I'm so lonely, is it me? Or is it you?" - As for Brian's reactions song wise, go to the album Another World or Back To the Light.

Remember, in story form at least, Roger and Brian are on the receiving end of her emotions and directed thoughts, just as Freddie is, and she is on the receiving end of their emotions and directed thoughts. The only real question is, does this have any real impact in life - is this the real life, or is this just fantasy - do you get my drift???... You can say to yourself, "this isn't real, this isn't happening, I just made it all up, I lied" but just when you think you've buried your past, it then turns around and bites you in reality. Reality is based on expectance, but just because you don't except something, doesn't mean to say that it isn't real, it just means that you can't deal with it or that you can't relate to it...

One very important thing to point out here, is that when you die and pass over, providing you are Positive as in good, then your body is rejuvenated and you return to your Prime - re: The Phoenix. And another thing to mention here is that there is only one person that you can have sex with within the Afterlife, and that is your Soul mate. The reason for this is that you yourself are based on Electromagnetics and if the mixture isn't correct - i.e. you try to have sex with another person, then any interaction simply won't work at all - you might as well just flap it around in mid-air, for all the difference it's going to make.

So you might well be wondering what happens if you are Gay. Well, your Soul mate quite simply has to balance you out. You might be saying to yourself, well I'm gay, I'll never go with a woman - well, that's fine and dandy - but however, be warned. For if you to choose to be Gay, then your partner has to balance you out perfectly, and in effect, your partner will become more male (Electrical) than you are, and you equally will become more female (Magnetic) than they are; or visa-versa. This is just a simple matter of Physics, and beings that you are based on Electromagnetics, you and your soul mate are inter-changeable. But it is far more complicated that this, because you have to balance each other out Mentally, Emotionally and Physically, and this is where the complications comes in. This is the sole reason why Religion teaches you to avoid being actively Gay - because quite simply Fire doesn't work in Fire, and equally so, Water doesn't work in Water.

As stated, within Freddie's so-called Fairy Tale (the Lily and the Phoenix story) the biggest Cosmic Battle of all is the Denial of Love, both Black and White. So the next question to be asked is, if the Phoenix doesn't have AIDS anymore and he is fit as a fiddle, would he really return for love? (La Japonaise re: his guardian Angel/ The Fallen Priest / Guide Me Home / How can I go on Barcelona album). Loneliness can drive a person home - providing they've a home to go to in the first place - After all, home, is where the heart is... So what happens if you can't find your way home - you get very lonely (re: Mr. Bad Guy album)... But your loneliness will drive you home if you care to admit to it... Just follow your heart, and it'll take you there... (Man On The Prowl / Mother Love / A Winter's Tale)... As for Freddie himself, well, in life he certainly did take the long way home (Take the Long Way Home Super Tramp).

Just as a footnote about the song How Can I Go On - it should be explained, that when the salt is taken from the sea, means that the water which was once impure, has had all of the impurities taken away. These impurities are misplaced Guilt, and the effects of bad memories etc (re: the seven heads or moods of Ahriman/ the red Dragon/Lily). Freddie himself, stands dethroned because he's no-longer of Queen and has lost his stage. He stands naked and he bleeds - in other words, he tells Lily everything. And when her finger points so savagely at him, this is the point in time, when Lily cottons on to his game. In other words, he owns up to all of the stuff that he did wrong - and I hasten to add, that Lily isn't too happy with him - hence his referring to dreams that are lost (The Great Pretender - she leaves him to dream alone). Then comes his victory song Overture Piccante (6.40).


No More Fun

No more Queen raves, no more Queen concerts, no more Queen... Re: that "Blimey" which is slang for "Blind Me" which according to Roger means to be "Blind to Love", is represented in this song by the "Laughing Clown" as found at Seaside Restores. The only film on T.V with this reference in it, is a Clint Eastwood Film, whereby the Blond Haired Girl, goes around shooting the Penises off the men that raped her and her little sister on a Beach - I hasten to add, that she gets them all in the end. I personally hate this film, as it gives me bad memory trips, hence my allergy to Famous People - Re: that "Famous People Attack". But however, just what this has to do with Queen but more so Freddie is probably best left unsaid. Re: The emblem on the cover of the Queen Rocks album - at least they've stopped running now (Re: info on the Lyrics to Fry For page...), so perhaps now we can get on with the business in hand... As for the reference to Kissing keyboards and not wanting to be a shorthand secretary - well, you know what they say about Musicians and Writers - they are all married to their work...



Colours (also on C.D ROM Booklet) are as so...

Red = Memory. Blue = SOS = a Cry for Help. "Your Mother" = Freddie (re: Tie Your Mother Down). Green = Dream. Orange = A Soul in a Dream type state (as in to use `RAZ with which to dream by). Also for colours re: Dragon Attack - When the Black's all White and the White's all Black, indicates that Lily and the Phoenix are together.

To Fly = is as in Spirit. Walls = Barriers. Water Falls also the Fly = Lily, also re-visiting Heaven and the `Void (Hell) re: the book: Eleanor Rigby's dream - The Game Planes (the book which is being written now), also re: the Brian song/album Another World. Bridges burned = means to say or do something, which implements you, which you can not back down from. For example, if I were Lily, then by writing an email in answer to me on his homepage Website, Roger could be seen as associating himself with me - whereas, his answering my email, is innocent enough...

Re: that Chop, Chop, Chop. When I first started working on the Queen Project some years, I was told that one of my duties was to chop down two trees = The tree of Life, and the Tree of Knowledge. This would result in a 3rd Tree, which branches out into Space (re: the album cover for Brian's Another World). Chop, Chop, Chop - Down comes the Tree - leaving the Third to grow... Talk about planting Seeds (Foreign Sand / `You Had To Be There˘/ The Key). Chop, Chop, Chop, also means "Hurry Up"...


Where Are You Now?

Notice the thunder type noise at the very beginning of this song, remember, all background sounds are very important. Thunder is a sign of Trouble times, Hard times, Sad times... Water such as Rain, the Sea or Water falls, are in reference to Lily.

I think with this song, you should just ask yourself, who it is that Roger is looking for, who is it that he is waiting for to turn up as he puts it, and why is it, that he is looking for a direction from this particular person. He writes, that this person doesn't have to be (come as guised?) - this person doesn't have to be seen (come as guised?). He or she doesn't have to scream for any big deal for themselves, he/she doesn't have to bleed (and so the stone bleeds), he/she doesn't have to believe (in what they are doing - is this the real life, or is it just fantasy?). He adds that she/he doesn't have to pretend to know what's right or what's real (as is the Lily and Phoenix Story). He then adds once more "Tell me where are you now (that we need you)?" So who is Roger calling for, why does he need this person to come forward and what does he want from this person? (`You Had To Be There˘). This song then leads straight into the song - Working Class Hero, as is Lily perhaps, for she kicks the system...


Working Class Hero (A John Lennon song)

John Lennon's version of this song, only has John's voice on it, with only a guitar in the background. Basically, this song is all about kicking the system. Personally I understand and can relate to this song perfectly as it sums up what I've been doing and what I've been through - And with this in mind, that is why I sign or rather dedicate this song back over to Roger, Freddie and Brian - To you I sing...

As for the "Folks on the Hill" - try listening to the Beatles song "Fool on the Hill" - As is the Working Class Hero... The Fool on the Hill is also known as Mr. Boob or the Nowhere Man. Mr. Boob plays a large role in the Beatles film, Yellow Submarine. And in many respects, Mr. Boob, represents Lily - as does the Submarine itself. The Submarine is known as the ship that sank - re: the Queen song `39 and the song from Paul McCartney's album Broad Street: - Eleanor Rigby (re: the book: Eleanor Rigby's Dream - The Game Planes). Lily travels both the Heavens and the `Void (Hell) and kicks the system as she goes... And in short (as in the song The March Of The Black Queen), she writes down what she sees in books (Scrolls). Most of the Hells that she writes about, are the Hells as found on Earth because here, Life and Reality really Stinks... And Fantasy truly exists...

As for you - Roger and Brian - the question that I really want to ask you personally apart from WHY??? you can find in The Logical Song (Super Tramp)... As for how I feel personally about all of this stuff, best leave it to a song I think - Under the Bridge (Red Hot Chili Peppers).


London Town - C'mon Down

(London Town - Also a Paul McCartney song)

I will include two descriptions for this song - the first non-cynical view, would be to say - "Come party in London - it's cool". Quite simply, this is Roger's celebration of the highlights of London. Yea right - but then that doesn't explain why he's quoting stories of Spirits and Miracles flying by... Right, so we're go on the lily and Phoenix slant - as that opens up and explains the more obvious side to this song.

But firstly, a tune that you may recognise within this Roger song, is from the song Coming Up (McCartney) - and also linked in is the song Temporary Secretary also McCartney. Re: Break Free video - Rock `N Roll Star/Earl weds the Secretary = Spirit and the Bride... The Story line within the Break Free Video, is that Brian and John play the roles of the Mother and Grandmother, whilst Roger plays the role of Lily (the girl) - Freddie plays the role of the Ghost (Brother's star sign = Dog = Freddie). When Freddie opens the door, this represents his dream of the Afterlife, his death, then back to the girl Lily, which is when he hands her the Trumpet and she writes the scrolls or books - The Seventh Trumpet (re: Revelations) - The Seventh Seal.

Oh yea, before I forget, the very last piece of Guitar on this song is from Fight From The Inside (News of the World). As for the woman who plays the part of the Silly Bint who say's "Oh what is this!!!" that is from that other Silly Bint quote "I always Wanted to be a Groupie" as heard at the end of Let Me Entertain You (JAZZ).


Right, before I go any further, the last song to Roger's album contains quotes taken from a writer called Mervyn Laurence Peake, who wrote books about everything from Hell (his reporting of War) to Heaven (Fantasy). So London Town - C'mon Down contains lines about Life and Fantasy (Afterlife). So now we can begin...

Verse One -

Re: - London Town. When you go down to London Town, the atmosphere can be said to be Electric. Electric is as in your Spirit - your Spirit gives off an atmosphere - the atmosphere was Electrifying. People give off vibes - vibes are feelings - your feelings are electrifying. If you have ever been to a Queen concert - you can feel the atmosphere - it is amazing. This atmosphere is caused by you, you the people - you can feel it in the air - you could cut through it like a knife - you throw off vibes, feelings and moods, and this is what we pick up on. You can throw off directed thoughts - we can pick up on these directed thoughts - This is where Mind Games come into play. The Question remains - Who is on the receiving end of your Directed Thoughts??? Your Thought is known as your Spirit, your Nervous System is your Soul, and your Stelli (energy) is You.

Verse Two -

Basically in this verse, Roger is inviting you to feed off him, off his Electric Fire. Electric is the Spirit, Fire is Male. And the Electric Light surrounding Roger basically represents pathways to Heaven and he is inviting you to come and feed off this feeling...

Verse Three -

Many of the lines here are spoken as opposed to sung and much of this verse it would seem, contains the Mervyn quotes. These quotes concern the Spirit entering a journey in amongst many things. Also listen to the original song Heaven For Everyone (Roger album Shove It), this has much the same feel to it... I think that in some ways, Roger could be said to be challenging the so-called "Un-known" or maybe he is just celebrating it in song. As for inviting "it" to "Come on Down" - well, it's coming down big time... Either way up, in this song, Roger does an excellent job of promoting something that differs from the norm and which technically doesn't exist.

As for what is the so-called Norm here on this planet - well, in the main, its Hell isn't it - what with Fat Rats on one hand, and staving children on the other. It's such a shame that you have to die to get to Heaven - After all, there ain't no heaven here is it? Or is there? If you want to know what Heaven could be like, let your Spirit take a journey - We know this journey as `RAZ. You can use `RAZ to visit the Afterlife - For those of you who are cynical, well if you can touch it and feel it, then you know it's real, and with `RAZ you can do just that.

As for those so-called Weird Creatures that Roger talks about - try Queen (Re: the 4 Creatures on the Throne - Revelations/Bible). As for Lily otherwise known as the Muse, she's entitled the 5th on the Throne - Well, talk about a "Hyper-Semantic Cyborg", well it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it - Yow catch that Stray Cat (Stray Cat Strut /Stray Cats)...

As for `RAZ itself, well to the best of my knowledge, Freddie didn't have `RAZ to begin with, but he did get it towards the end. But however, it is my belief that he did have The `Numbers Game all along and at the very least, he had the Chart from 1975 and onwards. And just in case you are wondering, according to the Zoroastrians that I've spoken to, Charts such as this, are part of their overall history, so it's no big deal. So all you have to work out now, is exactly what was Queen's involvement in the overall Game - The Mind Games - INNUENDOES...