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Music To Fry for:

Below, are just some songs complete with their literal descriptions. The name of Lily, who appears throughout the overall theme of `The Game as in the so-called Fairy Tale, has also been included to allow you to follow the story more easily. Please note that these are direct quotes taken from the book INNUENDOES. The idea behind this page is that you print it out, and then take it away, compare it with your Queen Music, and then you will begin to get the gist of this so-called Fairy Tale.


My Fairy King - This in the main; is about the death of Zoroaster who was the Prophet of the Zoroastrian Faith. Zoroaster was stabbed in the back with a knife, whilst he prayed at the Altar of Fire. The song begins, by telling of the Promised Land, then goes on to tell of the story concerning Zoroaster's murder, and then goes on to tell of the chaos that subsequently follows. The Fairy Circle Ring - represents the Ring of Friendship.

Zoroaster was Psychic, and as stated in the song, he could not only see into the past, but also into the future and as in the song, he acts as a guide. In the song, Zoroaster calls to Mother Mercury (Lily), who is also known as Maia (or Mama), Mother of Hell or Mother of the Earth - Earth being one of Freddie's star signs. In the story of the song, Zoroaster talks of the shame and of the disgrace that surrounds him (The fallen King - Rev.17/Bible), and he hopes that she will right his wrongs by reinstating him as being the holder of all that is good.

In other words, the people have the wrong idea about him because he has been labelled as being evil and as such, he has been deemed as being the Black Queen, Ahriman. So basically, he asks her to put the people straight by reinstating him as being the White Queen, AhuraMazda. In Zoroastrianism, AhuraMazda or Ahura for short, is a Spirit who represents all that is Good. Whilst Ahriman, who is also a Spirit, represents all that is Evil. And as you might gather, Ahura is represented by the colour White. Whilst Ahriman, is represented by the colour Red or Black. Hence the Black and the White Queen in Queen music.


Ogre Battle was written by Freddie, and once again queries as to its meaning are raised. An Ogre, is a hideous monster or giant in Fairy Tales or in Folklore that feeds on people, and is also linked to Orcus, god of Hell. Orcus is better known as Hades, Hell or Aides.

The actual song Ogre Battle, refers to the Battle that takes place at the `End Of time' which is when you die, or pass over. This is marked or rather started when the Piper who leads the way, passes over (dies). The Piper is also called Mercury, Hermes or Orcus. And it is his job to escort the dead into their final resting-place, be it Heaven (White) or Hell (Black). The Ocean in the song is the Seven Seas or Lily as found in the song Seven Seas Of Rhye. The Battle or rather Struggle is between Lily and the Phoenix (Piper), and is sparked off, when the Phoenix tries to escort Lily into her final resting place - the problem being, that Lily hasn't actually died.

Also, Lily represents Hell because of all that she has seen, which means that he has to remove all of the Hell or rather the cause of Hell from the girl, before she can return to Heaven. Also because the Phoenix wears the Death Mask which we will learn more about later, he too represents Hell. And this too, has to be removed from him, before he can gain his final resting-place. The Eye in the song, is `RAZ, more of which we will speak about later.

The Two Way Mirror Mountain also mentioned in the song, is the Mountain of Zion, or `RAZ which is represented by Lily. And the Trumpeter within the song, is the Seventh Trumpeter (Trum/Peter) who is also mentioned in the Bible. The reason why I have underlined the word Peter, is because on the `Numbers Game which can be found in part Eight of this book, Peter is represented by the numbers 64/46. 46 was Freddie's year of birth, whilst 64 was Lily's. In the Bible, Peter is the one who denied knowing Jesus in his final days before going to the Cross. In this case, denial of Love is in place.

The Ogre Battle is finally won, when everyone including the living, gain their placing within the Afterlife System. This is accomplished by the measurement of guilt as held within any given person, and this gives you your placing within the Afterlife and although your guilt level may change during the course of your life, your placing within the Afterlife System will change accordingly. The last few words within this song are the words Forget, which simply means, "forget the pain" which is caused by Misplaced Guilt or a Misplaced Hell.


The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke is another song that is linked to Zoroastrianism. The Fairy Feller, or rather man, is the Piper, and this song in the main tells of his role. Apart from being influenced by the Zoroastrian Legends, Freddie also took his inspiration for this song from a very famous Bosch Painting. Bosch is best known for painting pictures of Hell, and for pictures, which depict man's sinfulness. Such as in the picture The Garden of Earthly Delights, and The Seven Deadly sins. Nearly all of Bosch's paintings were done over an area, which incorporated 3 panels which were stuck together, and this is known as Triptych -meaning 3 parts to a picture.

And this can be likened to the 3 wise men, or in this case, the 3 Spirits whom according to both Queen music and History, look after Lily.

The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke gives you the code names given to the Seven characters who in music form, are the Seven main Working Angels in Revelations, and they are - Soldier (Fairy). Sailor (`39-May). Tinker (Fairy). Tailor (Roger Taylor). Plough or Blind Boy (John, Blind meaning to be Telepathically Blind. Plough, meaning to follow the Bull = Bulsara = Mercury. The Plough (a constellation) is also the Seven Stars re: Revelation/Bible). The main character is called the Arch Magician (It's a Kind of Magic Video) who is also known as the Doctor (apothecary-man or Karrie Man) who holds the `Map to the Heavens (go to The March of the Black Queen - he gives the information to her). The Queen - Lily, is represented by a three-legged Dragonfly Trumpeter - the Dragon being one of her star signs, and she blows the Trumpet that he passes on to her.

Within The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke as in the picture, a group of men are depicted trying to crack open the Cosmic Egg. There are many Legends linked to the Cosmic Egg, and indeed, many names are given to the Cosmic Egg - the Master-Stroke is to crack open the Cosmic Egg (and this is in reference to the rebirth of the Phoenix - see book for more details).


The March Of The Black Queen tells the story of the relationship between the Phoenix and Lily (who at this time is still a child), and also tells of their different role-play. As stated, the Black Queen represents Ahriman, whilst the White Queen represents Ahura. This song tells the story of Lily, who he follows throughout her existence (Time, Space and Being). In the song, he questions her love for him (with the song Nevermore), and he depicts her as being an Angel to whom he talks. He also gives advice to her, and gives her information about Heaven (re: the mysteries of GOD are unravelled). The song then goes on to tell the Listener (you), that he has died and gone to heaven, but has come back alive (as the Phoenix) and that he is going to tell you about it through another person. He then introduces the girl Lily to whom he gives his information, as the Black Queen who is poking about in the Pyre, which is his funeral fire because he has died and passed over. After giving her advice about the information concerning Heaven, he then goes on to talk about the horrors of Lily's childhood and he also talks about his feelings towards her.

He is then reminded of the fact that Lily is an Angel, and then goes on to tell her that she should deliver the message of love and joy to everyone, and that basically her life is predestined, and that very soon they are to meet in life (as in the year of writing the song 1973/74). But the advice concerning Heaven, will be received by her, from him, at the end of his life (1991 onwards). He then goes on to do the March Of The Black Queen, which is the role-play of Ahriman (1974 and onwards). Then at the end of the song, they swap roles (when he dies 1964 = 46 - 91, note her date of birth is 1964 the reverse of his = 46 - 91), and she becomes Black Queen (Ahriman), and he returns to being White Queen (Ahura) - which then refers back to the other song on the same album - The White Queen (As It Began).

In the song The March Of The Black Queen, each needs to play the other's role in a bid to carry out their duty. The duty seems to be, to pass information down from Heaven to Earth, and from the Phoenix to Lily and then onto the people. So although in the song, he appears to play the main role of the Black Queen, she must become the Black Queen in order to give out the forbidden secrets of Heaven. Whilst he needs to play White Queen, in order to gain this information from Heaven to give to her. And as stated, the song then refers back to the song White Queen (as it began), simply because each has returned to their former status.


Liar - is about Freddie and of how no one believes his story (Mars and Mama = Lily).


Flick Of The Wrist which is a Hate song, also has the Ahriman factor - which incorporates "The Beast That Lurks Within". It tells of how Ahriman seeks to use and destroy all that is good within both the Phoenix and the girl. The advice within the song warns that to love the Ahriman would be the equivalent of becoming a prostitute, because Ahriman only takes and never gives.

But however, he admits that to ignore the Ahriman would be impossible, because the Ahriman will always win her over simply because of her love for him. All the time, the song tells her to ignore this Ahriman factor as found within, because it's only a fake - it's not the real thing, and that the Beast within is really the Ahriman within him. What the actual term "Flick Of the Wrist" means or is used to indicate, is someone who is an accidental coincidence, and who meets all of his needs and requirements. And the song itself simply warns this person, what he is like on the outset, and as stated, then says ignore this Ahriman, because it's not really what I'm like. This song then falls straight into the next song Lily Of The Valley with the words - "Baby you've been had".

Note: Flick Of The Wrist - the term "Flick of the wrist" is a saying that was used when playing a game with horseshoes, whereby you have to throw the horse shoes onto a small pole sticking up out of the ground. Flick of the wrist means a lucky shot, which is considered to be an accidental but lucky hit or coincidence, which is where the term "Accidental coincidence" comes from. With this in mind, the term "Cross-Collateralize" which was a term that was also used in this song, should be explained. To explain this word, firstly it needs breaking down - Cross means to intermix, or link up (the coincidences). Collateral means ancestral stock or line of descent.

To explain this term further, we will use an example - Freddie's line of descent is "Persia", whereas my line of descent is "Pershore" (which sounds like Persia) and Pershore is in Wales which was coincidentally where most of that album was rehearsed and recorded. Also Wales is known as "The Lily of the Valley", as in the song, whilst its flag is of "The RED Dragon" - re: Bible. Wales is also in the general shape of a Pig's Head - re: the album cover of Innuendo (pigs ears of the Landrace /Large White).

And this example is what you would do, if you were to carry out the meaning of the word - "Cross-Collateralize". So if by cross-referencing your information, you find lots of coincidences making you an Accidental Coincidence, it then could act as a Love Token the title of which can be found in a later song Love Token. All that this basically means is that you're an ideal match or not, as the case may be. But however, there are many other specifications that you need to meet such as star signs etc. And also in accordance to Revelations (Bible) you need to be Telepathically linked to the Phoenix (Freddie). Because if you weren't, then there would be no way of receiving the information which concerns spiritual matters, or anything else for that matter


Lily Of The Valley is directly linked to the song Seven Seas Of Rhye and talks of Lily, the little girl (this flower fairy is also known as Ladders to Heaven (insert: Queen of Heaven or simply Mary - re: Wilderness.)). Lily represents `RAZ (Doorway into the Afterlife re: Another World).

In the song Lily Of The Valley Freddie talks of how he has to ask Neptune of the Seas which is the middle wheel known as `RAZ, for advice concerning his worries about The Beast Within (Ahriman) which represents Death. `RAZ is like a direct Telephone link into the Realms of Heaven and the spiritual planes of the Afterlife. From `RAZ, he seeks information in a bid to gain peace within. Although he says that he has asked Lily about this, he says that Lily doesn't know, but more over, she won't say. When he looks to the Heavens for advice, each time within the vision, he grows old and dies.

He then talks of the Serpent which stands for snake/penis (sex), and then goes on to say that the "Messenger from Seven Seas" (of Rhye) has died, and has gone "To tell the King of Rhye (GOD) that he has lost his throne". This simply means that the world has become corrupt. He then fears that wars will never cease, and that there will be no peace and once again, he asks Lily about this, but she doesn't know.

The Messenger of the Gods (Rhye, as in Rhyme or song) is called Mercury, and it is Mercury as in Freddie, who looks to the Heavens for answers. And although he receives visions of the future (as in Revelations), all he can see, is him self, growing old and then dying. When these songs are placed together, Mercury the Messenger, dies from the Beast that Lurks within, or the Ahriman (Death) which represents Hell, Hades or Aides which is better known as AIDS.

So the vision that he receives, involves sex which is stormy, meaning that it is as a result of Aggression, he then grows old and then he dies. So the vision is of AIDS, which was gained as a result of somebody else's aggression.

This song is directly linked to the song Bohemian Rhapsody, which was when this vision came true - for Lily at least (note: Lily is aged 11 here, re: Revelation 11, going into 12, making the year 1975/76). Having written down the literal meaning of such words as Serpent, one might be given to believing that perhaps Freddie would have realised by the vision within the song, to be warned by the mention of AIDS. But it should be noted that AIDS was not officially recognised by all, until late 1984, which was when he stated showing the symptoms.

You must remember, that this book has been written in retrospect, bringing all the facts together to enable easier understanding of what Freddie experienced and of his dilemmas at that time. To underline these dilemmas, is one of the `Magi Charts which is one of the three types of `Numbers Games included within this book. [On this Chart, the word AIDS - spells out 1946].


Also note: Lily Of the Valley (Neptune of the Seas = Pisces = `RAZ. `RAZ is the doorway into the Afterlife/Spiritual Doorway, which once opened can never be closed - Re: Revelations/Bible). Lily is the little girl that Freddie talks to (March of the Black Queen/Invisible Man etc.) and she is said to be his Guardian Angel (re: Barcelona album), also Re: the Spirit and the Bride in Revelations/Bible. The name Lily, means Ladders to the Heavens - and she is also known as Queen of Heaven. The other name to the Queen of Heaven (Wilderness/Another world re: Brian's new album), is Mary, known as Mother Mary. When you link all of this together, you get, Mother Mercury. And it is Mother Mercury (Lily May - May is short for Mary) that Freddie looks to, for advise on his visions of his growing old, and then dying (re: Bohemian Rhapsody etc.). Coincidentally, if you think that you recognise the tune in Another World, try listening to Tug Of War (McCartney), that's where your recognition comes from.


Mad The Swine - is about Freddie. But however, it should be noted, that the only person who walked on Water, was Jesus. But however, Jesus was supposed to return, that time being now. But however, he comes dressed or guised as a Thief (re: Hit Man "Trouble with the Beast, what a Thief what a Pest). The Beast in Revelations (Bible) is known as a Persian - as was Freddie (the great Bear). Also it should be noted, that no one knows his true name, because according to the Bible (Revelations), he goes under a new Name. The only person who knows the True identity of Jesus - is the White Stone (Living Stone), also known as the Little Angel.


Dragon Attack - is about Lily. Dragon is one of her Star signs the other is Rabbit (Cat). Her other star signs, are Water (7 C's of Rhye). She is Capricorn (a `Capella = female Goat) crossed by Aquarius etc. etc. Note: all clues in Queen music, are based on Star Signs. Lily's other code name, is John (John Doe = Rabbit). The actual song Dragon Attack which is also a quote from Revelations (Bible), is about his being taken out of his head. The various rooms and colours, are of moods and events linking to Lily and the Phoenix (when the Black's all White and the White's all Black, they are together). Please go to the book for more details. In the sense of "Dragon Attack" which is also a quote from Revelations of the Bible, the other song that links to this in particular (as in Lily's mood), is Cyborg (re: for riffs and Lily's attitude go to Thunder Struck by ACDC). Cyborg will explain briefly what Lily's role is in accordance to Religion, whilst Thunder Struck explains how others appeared oblivious in real terms, to Lily's cries for help - hence her Attitude and Role in Cyborg = The March Of The Black Queen. Thunder represents Death and Hell - and is known as `The Anger Of GOD, or `The Curse Of GOD. Thunder bolts and Lighting as in Bohemian Rhapsody etc. is also a quote as found in Revelations (Bible).


In the Lap Of the Gods and In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited - Apply these songs to Lily, and then you will know where Freddie was coming from.


Mustapha (Abrahim) is the name given to the person who Freddie sings about. And according to what I have been told by people, Mustapha is a reference name given to a forthcoming Prophet, which is who they believe, Freddie is praying for within the song. It should be noted that the song itself is a prayer, which is put to music. There is some confusion as to which religious group this possible Prophet represents, because both "Allah" the Muslim name for GOD most high, and Christian terms are used. But however, it is more than likely that this Prophet is to do with the `Magi. The `Magi are not of any one particular religion, they are of all religions and as such represent all religions - as would this Prophet.

The `Magi are associated with Zoroastrianism, because unlike most religions, Zoroastrianism is tolerant of all cultures and beliefs. For instance, they recognise GOD, and although AhuraMazda is considered to be a God, it was accepted and taught by Zoroaster that GOD as in GOD, is indeed the power of all powers. And Ahura works directly under GOD. According to Zoroaster's predictions, the last showing or rather the last Prophet will be showed through a House-wife who will teach a Religion that will take into account all religions. And because this Prophet is of Zoroaster, this religion will be based on Logic, which according to the Christians is of the Anti-Christ, who is known as "The Vicar of the Son of GOD. This person is the opposite of Christ who is a man, and so the Anti-Christ is a woman - or The Queen, as she's known in Revelations (whilst in Queen music, she is code named Lily). And she delivers the 8th religion to the people. This is what Roger terms as being quote: "A Sensible Religion which is just a contradiction in terms" (The Key from the album Happiness?), which it is, because it's based on your 'Ability To Reason' which in short is known as the `RAT or Logic.


The song Dreamer's Ball, which can be found on the album Jazz, which was one of Freddie's favourites, is a beautiful ballad, which tells the story of how his partner leaves him for another. He then however, goes on to ask to be taken to the Dreamer's Ball - which is when he goes to sleep and dreams of the girl in question.

To elaborate a little more on the explanation of a Dreamer's Ball - It is when you use your dreams to go places and to see people. This is known as a Controlled Dream, in which you keep your conscious mind active, and then travel as a Spirit, such as in the song Bohemian Rhapsody, and as depicted in the video Save Me, in which two Doves are featured. A Dove symbolises the Soul and the Spirit of the Soul (re: in the video for Save Me, Freddie Turns into the Phoenix on Stage, whilst the girl Asia Minor/Geisha Minah = Lily is left to look in the book. Re: the writing of the books (letters) - Father To Son, the voices (in accordance to the Fairy Tale are the voices of Queen re: Mind Games/Telepathy) and Some Day One Day - her books (letters) hold Queen in between the pages etc. And in years to come remembering that the songs were written then when she was still a child, she writes her books (Letters = Scrolls) and becomes the Queen 1991 and onwards. Note: the Grey Cloud, Thunder, and Rain means: A Time of Trouble - the sound of Thunder and Rain etc. can often be heard in the background of Queen music.

Although Spirits and Telepathy (as in Dreamers Ball etc.) might suggest such things as Ghosts etc. it is very different. Earlier we talked of the Magi, and of how they perfected the art of an O.B.E - that is to leave the physical body, and to travel as and where one chooses. The letters O.B.E stand for Outer Body Experience, which is exactly what it is. Well, the Controlled Dream works in much the same way. But the main difference between an O.B.E and a Controlled Dream, is that whilst on an O.B.E you can travel where you want - in a Controlled Dream, you are in what is known as a Dreamer's Room (Ball). And in this dream, you can control what goes on, because you cause it to happen.

But if however you can escape the Dreamer's Room, then you are free to travel in Spirit as and where you will. If however, such as in the song Bohemian Rhapsody, you can travel without going into sleep first, then this is known as Mind Travel - whereby you travel in Spirit. And if you can experience Mind Travel, then although everything might seem almost like a dream, it's really in reality - In other words, somebody that is awake in reality, can actively see you.

And this is known in part as travelling through Time and Space. The Dreamer's Ball is quite a slow song and is quite sleepy too, and it has a plodding feel to it, which would make anybody feel at ease.


Hit Man - He used to be a Man with a stick in his Hand = Microphone = Freddie. In Revelations, his stick, is called an Iron Rod/Staff (Mercury = Messenger of the Gods). She used to be a woman with a Hot Dog stand = Lily (code name). The "Hot Dog", are both Freddie's Star Signs. The Beast, is also known as Death On Two Legs (the Beast that Lurks within). In Revelations, this is the moment in time, when he appears to be dead even though he is still alive. note: Dog is Freddie's star sign, as is Fire, Earth, Mercury (messenger of the Gods) etc. etc. etc.


The Night comes Down (Ahriman and AhuraMazda Factor = Black and White Queen - this is in keeping with the Black and White theme that Queen have used all of their musical life). Lucy = Lily, re: Beatles film The Yellow Submarine. She is the Vessel or ship (`39) by which one travels - re: the Spiritual Temple (Bible/Peter).


`39 - was a song written by Brian about a dream he had. Night = Eve, Night at the Opera = Black Queen. Day = Adam, day at the Races = White Queen. Story Teller = Lily who writes the Books/Letters. Sand = Beach (Sand = Sandman = Freddie re: "The Dragon and I Stood on the Seashore" - Revelations/Bible) meaning to dream about it. Milky Seas = Heaven/Afterlife (re: Seven Seas of Rhye). `39 is the year of the Rooster - Rooster is a Chicken (Zoroaster) - The year of `93 is also the year of the Rooster, which is when the book of `RAZ was written - She (Lily) returns as Zoroaster (Rooster), and becomes known as the Fried Chicken. Note: a Rooster is a Chicken, Fried, means to have taken in too much information - (re: The Hit Man). The Earth is old and Grey - Earth is Freddie. This song (`39) having been written in the past (1975) refers to the future - coming round in what appears to be one year. Sweet Lady - is self-explanatory.


No-one But You - Re: A Hand above the Water = Hands across the Water (from Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey of RAM/McCartney). The Angel reaching for the Sky (because Freddie has already `Passed Over the `Rainbow) is Lily who is known as the vessel or ship re: `39, and she is supposed to bring him back (re: 7 C's of Rhye etc.) - indicating that they've found a way through. The middle verses are about Freddie obviously; the rest is about Queen. The face in the Window - (window = eyes of the Soul) could be Freddie, but due to the fact that Queen are not dealing with Freddie anymore, some would say that it could be Lily. But due to the fact that Queen are still running for Cover, and Lily is as a Free Spirit (re: Thunder Struck (ACDC)/Cyborg) that would be hard to understand. But then perhaps we know something that they don't... Don't worry, you'll figure it out, remember, it's just part of the overall `Game, so just give it time, and it will come to you... But to understand this little Riddle a bit easier, here are some clues for you.

Firstly go to the song : - Love Token, then go to the album cover of Queen Rocks and add the details together, to understand this statement fully!. This in itself, then leads us onto the quote - The Saturn Bomb has exploded = re: the mirror or Crown (on the cover of Queen Rocks), for she is as the Black Queen. Re: The March Of The Black Queen making her as in Wherever I May Roam (Metallica) - note: in the song Wherever I May Roam the "her" is as a "him" - remember, roles reversed. Then onto the next clue:- The Devil's coming to get you, he's coming down the Track, he's looking right at you - there ain't no turning back... (the alliterative/onomatopoeic lyrics to The Freedom Train) - The riffs in The Freedom Train are from Lay Your Hands On Me (Bonjovi). And this Riddle as a whole (as in the overall `Game), leads us to the Metallica song THE UNFORGIVEN and it is now that the song THE UNFORGIVEN really comes into Play... re: further clues from an even greater Riddle for you to unravel:- Fair Grace be upon you.... For it now comes about.... And what was, will be once more... Jackson's Spell Cast `98... "Torn Pit Blues"...


Delilah - is about one of Freddie's Cats. Freddie named all of his cats for special reasons. Each name was chosen for a particular Reason, with Freddie saying things like "They'll never figure that one out". The last Cat that Freddie received into his home, brought his collection of cats at that time up to 7, which in itself, is a special number. Re: seven is the number of Angels in Revelations. Also 7 is the number of the Characters in the Queen Logo that Freddie Drew - 3 are Flower Fairies, one of whom is represented by a "Q" because she is the Queen herself = Lily). This last cat that Freddie brought into his house, was a little kitten who was White in colour, and he named this kitten Lily. But I'll leave it to you, to figure out why Freddie chose to call this Cat Lily, and just why the name Lily was so important.


Life is Real - Is basically Freddie dealing with not only his life but also how he felt at that time. This song was dedicated to John Lennon - "Music will be my mistress - Music is Lily - the Spirit of/in the Music etc. etc. etc.


Love Token "Long haired women going turn you to Stone" = Medusa, re: booklet/cover of the album for Innuendo for further details. Also re: Milton Keynes concert 1982 - Lily was at this concert and is on film also re: Bible, Peter: - the Living Stone and the Holy Nation. The writer of the book, is coincidentally called Livingstone, her maiden name is Wheeler (3 Wheeler - re: I'm Going Slightly Mad + it's Video - treat the whole song as a Riddle). Her name is Sylv or Sylvia, re: Pulp's new Album This Is Hardcore. Note: there are 24 advisors, thrones/bands all together (re: Revelations), hence the reference to such bands as Pulp. The Girl's real name however, is Violet = Purple = Ahriman - But like Freddie she chose to change her name.


Love Token, links to Flick of the Wrist meaning an apparent coincidence. This also links where the girl's destiny is concerned, to any number of given songs, such as Roger's last album - re: the song `You had to be there'. The man who came out and complained in the hall, was Roger (Queensway Hall), this was whilst Freddie was talking to the girl in question. These concert details however, are not listed, probably because they were so small. The Sensible Religion in the song `The Key, is the so-called religion of `RAZ, it is not a religion, it's just based on your Logic, and yes it is just a "Contradiction in Terms", it is suppose to be as it is based on Logic - Hence the Ahriman. As for that Freedom Train - Well, if this isn't a Storm, I don't know what is. As for that Train, go to the Video Breakthru, and the song (miss.) American Pie by Don McLean (re: the main clues are on the end of the Song) and this will tell you all you need to know... The Jester by the way, is Freddie, re: I'm Going Slightly Mad video. And You are the Generation lost in Space. Jack Flash (Flash) is also another code word used for Freddie. The Girl is Lily (the Angel born in Hell). You can work out who the Train is, and who the 3 wise men are...


Resurrection is Self explanatory - the girl wakes up the dead (Raising of the Dead), and Freddie becomes the Phoenix etc. etc. etc. and each person dead or alive, gains their rightful placing in the Afterlife - hence Armageddon.


With song titles such as All GOD's People, Revelations and Resurrection, it is not too difficult to find either the `Key words, or their meanings, as held within Queen music. These three songs alone are enough to tell you all you need to know concerning not only what this book is about, but also what the existence of Queen was all about. The initial purpose of which it would seem, was simply to fulfil the requirements as set out in Revelations. But by doing this, Queen also helped fulfil the requirements of every other prediction as made in every other Religion. Then from the point of view of Freddie, it was just a matter of hoping that Lily would turn up to fulfil the rest of the requirements as set out within the predictions - which I suppose is where this book comes in, in part anyway. Failing that, if it wasn't to be because it wasn't the will of GOD, then at least Queen had a career. As for where this book comes in? Well to fully understand what this entire story is about, it will help you greatly, if you understand what all of the `Key words and/or Code words mean, stand for, and/or represent. This information is known as the `Soup (ingredients) as in the `Dragon's Soup (The Hit Man etc.).

And as stated early in this book, this is where you become the Detective, because it is for you to take all of the facts and figures and place them all together, to create an overall picture - which is the picture that Freddie portrayed within Queen music. As for the statement - The Will Of GOD, which explains the term "Leave it in the Lap Of the Gods" as in the song, it is one thing to say the right things in songs and to present the correct image. But however, it is quite another, when it comes to actual events linking into such predictions as Revelations. For instance, it would be impossible for a man to control the weather. Equally it would be impossible for him to influence another's life by thought (Telepathy) and/or by his experiences, unless GOD truly exists, but more over, that GOD was in favour of these actions to cause such a thing or to allow for such things to happen.

Take for instance, the song Don't Try Suicide which is from the album The Game. On the face of it, this song seems to have almost been written as a joke - but was it? This song in the main was written in the studio by the band. Although each member had a hand in writing the words for this song, in the main, the idea for the song and indeed most of the background information for the lyrics, which concerned Lily, came from Freddie.

So if you could imagine for just one moment that Freddie was really involved with Lily who was the Spirit of someone who was actually living, and she actually was contemplating suicide which she was, then it must have been quite a worrying time for Freddie. Just what would he have done, if she had died? It's called worrying about something that technically doesn't exist, but that doesn't stop you worrying about it, does it? Certain people have said that Freddie was a lot easier going once he had given up the ghost (Lily) and had settled down with a real partner in 1984.

But then if any of that information is anything to go by, it's hardly surprising that he should have over worried, and that the effects that she had on him, showed itself outwardly in the way in which he behaved. After all, just because people tell you that something isn't real, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist - It just means that they can't relate to it.

As stated, the song Don't Try Suicide was written about someone who was contemplating the idea of cutting their life short, and listed within the song, are various ways of doing that - all of which he advises against. On the whole, this is a very aggressive song, in the sense that he is annoyed by the fact that she would even dare to contemplate such a thing. But then aggression is the best motive for survival - The "don't get mad, get even" attitude. You beat them by out surviving them and their ways.

To survive the dilemma, he offers to help her, by giving comfort and support, but then this is probably sexual, due to the fact that he then accuses her of being a Prick Tease. This in itself questions the motive for the arrival of the so-called Frog (Spirit, as in the Phoenix), who coincidentally in story form at least, gets the hump with the girl, because she won't play ball.

For those of you who are familiar with the making of the video for the song One Vision, which can be found on Magic Years, Freddie refers to her as being "Two Tits - John Deacon". And the "One Sex Position" which is where she won't play ball, can be easily worked out, once you realise that perhaps at the age of 15 and being Virginal, Lily was a little sexually naive.

The "One Dump - One Turd" also in that video, is an I.S joke. Mind you, it isn't really very funny, if you're a bit sexually over active, and your partner ventures somewhere that he shouldn't, and at the same time, you need the toilet - the answer, is always go to the toilet first. The "John Deacon" reference is used because John is a Rabbit as is Lily, and as such John is used as a Code name for her. On the `Numbers Game, John is represented by the numbers `47/29. The `47, is the `MAY Number which refers to the `MAY Project or Lily.

In later videos, such as Innuendo and The Invisible Man, John is depicted as the main character and he represents Lily. It should be noted: that Lily is also known as the Fried Chicken - As for why, well you will have to look into your Queen collection and/or Innuendoes for that answer, and many others besides.

As for The Game - As Is...