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This Website features the book 
"Queen & Freddie Mercury - INNUENDOES"...  ISBN 0-9531189-75 
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Much has been written about Freddie Mercury and even Queen. But not all has been said. This site which is the Official Web Site, contains just some extracts taken from a book called INNUENDOES - ISBN 0-9531189-7-5. But be warned before you go any further, because as Freddie says, "You Might Get Fried".


The `Numbers Game....

The `Numbers Game, derives from the workings of the `Magi. The `Magi were a group of religious Priests, who in the Bible are also known in part as, "The Three Wise Men or Kings" who found Jesus when he was born. The `Magi who are Persian (the forgotten Nation/Holy Nation) foretold the birth of Jesus or Christ (as in Christmas/White or RED Dragon). The `Numbers Game, is used to translate the events in Revelations of the Bible, which is when at the End of Time - according to Christian belief, Jesus (who has a new Name) returns as the Phoenix. And it would be then, at the end of his lifetime (`End of Time) that he would be recognised as being Jesus, and then the information from GOD would be given (re: The March of the Black Queen etc.).

The `Numbers Game as shown in the book of INNUENDOES, has been used or acts like a Destiny Chart for the two main Characters in Revelations (the Bride and the Spirit - Ahura, Ahriman) - better known as the Black Queen and the White Queen - Adam/Day and Eve/Night. In Revelations of the Bible, there are Seven Angels in all, 4 of who are Men, one of who represents Jesus. The other 3 Angels are women, one of whom is known as Lily (Red/White Dragon), the other two, are her sisters. Jesus however, goes under several names such as Michael, Mercury (messenger of the Gods), Hermes (Hell), the Thief, and he is also known as Zoroaster. But in the main, he is known as the Phoenix.

Lily, who is his Bride, is known by such names as the Virgin Mary (May/Lily) and she is known as the House Wife (Mother Mercury, or the Living Stone as in the Moon). In short, the `Numbers Game, helps to tell of the Battle between Good (Ahura) and Evil (Ahriman) who are represented by both the Phoenix and Lily. This Battle is known in Persian religion as told by the `Magi, as a Cosmic Battle. Whilst in Revelations, this Cosmic Battle, is described or rather is told in what would appear at first glance to be a Riddle, but which in fact was written as it was foreseen in a Vision. The "Vision of the Future", has been written at the End of the Bible, in Story Form for the ease of the Reader.

The `Numbers Game shows and depicts various ages, and times which were to happen to both the Phoenix and Lily. As stated, the `Numbers Game acts as a Destiny Chart for both the Phoenix (Freddie) and Lily, and because of this, many of the events within Revelations or the Cosmic Battle, can be linked to either the Phoenix, or Lily. For instance, the word Phoenix works out as being Freddie's Date of Birth, as does the word Spirit. AIDS, is also there, as are many other `Key words.

It should however, be pointed out that both the Phoenix and Lily play the part of both the Spirit and the RED Dragon (re: Revelations). This is because both the Phoenix and Lily wear Masks, which represent either Good (Ahura/Life) or Evil (Ahriman/Death), which is why there appear to be two Dragons. But however, the so-called role of Jesus, has been left uncovered.



The reason for this is, that according to the Christians, Jesus who has a new name, is supposed to come back now... But however, he is guised as a Thief, and no one knows his new name - so nobody exactly knows who he is. But however according to religion, this secret name has been written down or given to a White Stone - known as the Living Stone (re: the Bible - Peter. The Living Stone and the Holy Nation). The Living Stone, is also known as Lily - Ladder to the Heavens, as in Little Lily, and according to religion, only Lily knows who the real Jesus is, as only she knows his secret name.

But however, within the book INNUENDOES, the subject of Jesus has been deliberately left open. This in the main is due to the fact that there are other complications to the question of Jesus. This leaves us with a slight case of "Will the real Jesus stand up" - to which everybody deliberately sits down. Hence the fact that the Reader, has been left to undo this final Riddle - which can be done in part, by using the `Numbers Game, and by using Queen Music as a general guideline.

But however, there are many references made within the INNUENDOES book, to other pop groups and/or songs such as Dry County (Bon Jovi). This song gives you another outline for the INNUENDOES book. Please listen to the song and then you will understand. Please note that Holy Water is one of Lily's Star Signs. The Saviour is known as the Blessed Man - Jesus/Phoenix. The Devil is known as the Demon Whore as in the House Wife or Lily. She is known as the Devil that has been put aside for Freddie (re: Bohemian Rhapsody).

The actual `Numbers Game itself, is very easy to use. You simply take a word, and work out what the numbered value for that word is and you can then apply these answers to the events in question. Now in the case of the Phoenix and Lily, the `Key numbers to look out for, would obviously be their Date of Birth, or the dates for when certain parts of the Cosmic Battle happen in accordance to Revelations.

For instance, in `19/75, when Lily was 11 going on 12 years of age (into 19/`76), there were thunderbolts and lighting (Bohemian Rhapsody) and GOD showed his anger. This was when the Phoenix was struck down by Death, which is also known as Hell as in Aides or AIDS (HIV). Which is why in Revelations, one of the seven Angels, appears to be dead or represent death, when he is in fact still alive. Hence the fact that the 8th head, which is of death, really belongs to one of the seven Angels or heads of the Dragon, re: - the Seven parts of Ahriman. This 8th head, is known as "The Beast that Lurks within" - re: Flick of the Wrist - "See the Beast within him rise", or "Trouble with the Beast, what a Thief what a pest" (Hitman).



Please note that Revelations is one of the very few religious readings, that details the happenings between the Phoenix and Lily, whilst other religious readings, detail each event, as though it is a story or a Cosmic Battle within itself. Which is why it was easier to quote Revelations in INNUENDOES, because Revelations tells the story of the Phoenix and Lily as a whole, instead of chopping it up into different stories.

The only problem with that however, is that Revelations has a tendency to overlap each event, making it appear to be one event, as opposed to several different events. But however, with the help of the `Numbers Game, it is very easy to understand when and to whom, each event applies. There are many people who believe that everything has a meaning, and the `Numbers Game, takes this belief to the very extreme.

The `Numbers Game works out every single little thing within Revelations and all other Religions, and as such this is why it is called a Destiny Chart - Because that is indeed, just what it is. In reality, it would appear that the `Numbers Game is actually the Destiny Chart for Revelations, purely because it derives from the workings of the Magi, who it would seem, where the ones who predicted Revelations in the first place, along with the prediction of the birth of Jesus.







Another point to be mentioned, is the fact that the `Numbers Game, is also Freddie's Destiny Chart. In fact, just by using the `Numbers Game - Freddie could have worked out most of the major points of his life, in advance. Therefore, ensuring that the right advent happened at the correct time.

·  This however, brings to mind, questions as to whether Freddie was into using Black Magic, which some might see the `Numbers Game as being. And this in itself would bring to light a totally different side to Freddie that most people have never seen. After all, the `Magi were into using forms of Magic, or so history tells us. But then that doesn't mean that Freddie was part of the `Magi, does it? Or does it? - But if he was, it would certainly explain a few things - like for instance, why did everyone seem so scared of him? - And why didn't people stand up to him? - You only have to watch certain videos to understand this comment. But then in all fairness, it should be pointed out, that the `Numbers Game, is just a `Numbers Game and nothing more, as for Spiritual Travel and all the other subjects that the book of INNUENDOES brings to light - well that's another thing all together isn't it.

So apart from working out the dates for each event in Revelations (not to mention Freddie's life), the `Numbers Game also works out events linking to each subject, and as a result, the findings can also be applied to everyday life. For instance, did you know that the "Number of the Beast - 666" actually stands for Man. Please see the book INNUENDOES for further details. The book of INNUENDOES which includes the `Numbers Game Chart, also includes various other Charts which have also been applied to either Queen Music, the Bible, and various other religions and subjects.



91/46 - Taylor (Roger).

91/64 - Spirit.

109/46 - Paranormal.

145/64 - Love of my Life.

109/46 - Loveless.

136/91 - Virgin Birth.

139/64 - Virgin Mary.

46/19 - Win.

118/46 - Rock `N Roll.

127/64 - Holy Water.

127/64 - A True Queen.

91/64 - End Of Time.

127/64 - From A Cross.

109/64 - A Free Jesus.

46/19 - Dove (note: Dove represents the Soul re: Save Me Video)

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