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This site which is the Official Web Site, contains just some extracts taken from a book called INNUENDOES - ISBN - 0-9531189-0-8 - which is available by ordering through your local bookshop. If you have any problems obtaining this book, please Email me.

It should be noted before we go any further that `RAZ is Unique, and as such the details for `RAZ can not be found anywhere else in the world. This is an Official Site, and is the only Site which contains information on `RAZ. Therefore if you have any queries, please Email me by clicking on the button at the bottom of this Page.


`RAZ is the doorway into the Afterlife and is the resulting factor of religion. `RAZ allows you to view and actually participate in the actions of the afterlife for yourself - i.e. touch, feel etc. and generally experience it. Now this might sound very far-fetched, but with the use of `RAZ which purely acts as a doorway, you can do and go wherever you want. The only restrictions upon you; are placed there by yourself. When you close your eyes, `RAZ looks like a large black circular piece of paper or plate. On that piece of paper are lots and lots of white lights. These lights are not glowing as such; they are just there. The mass of lights are moving very fast and are swirling around and around in towards the centre. The best thing to liken it to, is a Spiral Galaxy.

All you have to do when you sit or lay down; is close your eyes, and focus in on the central white light. It is almost like a tunnel, which you go through. So all you have to do, is close your eyes, and focus in on the mass of swirling lights and aim yourself towards the middle light.

`RAZ normally appears just in front of you, it can be seen on your forehead. What you see when you reach the end of the tunnel, appears in the same fashion as a daydream, but the main difference being, that you are in it. In other words, not only can you walk around, but you can also touch and feel everything. Then when you have finished, you just open your eyes and it's gone. The same applies for when you use `RAZ to dream when you go to sleep - you just wake up and it's gone.

Where Mediums are concerned, normally a Medium listens for voices and repeats what they have heard. But with `RAZ, they just visit the person you wish to talk to. But be warned, do not get a Negative (Bad/Guilt etc.) Medium, because that Medium will find that they are in one of the lower levels of existence, which is not very fair on the person who you wish to talk to, because your person will have to go down to the lower level to reach that Medium.

Although `RAZ has many different names within any given Holy Book or religion, the mystery surrounding `RAZ has remained hidden through the history of mankind, purely for his own benefit. `RAZ is known as the middle Wheel between Heaven (`RAS) and Hell (Void), to which there are 3 wheels in all. Basically `RAZ is the Doorway or Gateway into what most people term as the unknown, or the `Forbidden. And the reason why information concerning the Afterlife or the so-called unknown has remained forbidden for so long, is purely because it was felt that Mankind as a whole, would seek to abuse the power that the knowledge of `RAZ brings. In the days of old, religion was used as a way of bringing law to the people, but in this day and age, we have law enforcement agencies such as the police etc. who have now taken over the duties of Religion.

Although `RAZ applies to all religions and people, the terminology used to explain `RAZ, is Physics and certain `Key words taken from the Zoroastrian Faith have been used for easier understanding. `RAZ is known as the 8th Seal or 8th Religion, which is explained to the House Wife, via the Phoenix (Zoroaster). The 8th, stands for Eternity.

The book of `RAZ which was written in conjunction with the requirements as set out for the Housewife, has been referred to as being the 8th Seal or Religion. The book of `RAZ explains: -

(1) The wheel of Heaven is the Top Wheel, and is known as `Bliss, or `RAS which is the ultimate in Love or Heavens.

(2) The wheel of `RAZ is the entry point into the Afterlife - and is the Middle wheel (re: Lily of the Valley "Neptune of the Seas, have you an answer for me please". But he then states that she (Lily of the Valley) doesn't know - This is when Freddie looks to the Heavens for Advice. Note: that "Lily of the Valley" means "Ladders to the Heavens" as well as representing Wales - home of the RED Dragon - Lily). The wheel of `RAZ is also known as `Place of the Mixed.

(3) The `VOID code name `YAM, is the lowest point or Wheel, and this is considered to be Hell. This is also known as Ahriman's Space.


The book of `RAZ also covers everything from the creation of Stars, to the workings of your Mind and Nervous System. It also covers things such as Spiritual Sex (I.S), normal Sex, Guilt, War, Germs - everything. If you have any further queries concerning `RAZ, please read the book of `RAZ, as it has been designed to answer all of your questions.

As for the question "is `RAZ evil" which some religious people might accuse it of being - Well, all I can say is, that it is only as Evil as you are. After all, you seal your own fate by the level of your own inner Charge, be it Negative and/or Positive, and that's all down to you isn't it?

So - Happy travelling...