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This Website features the book 
"Queen & Freddie Mercury - INNUENDOES"...  ISBN 0-9531189-75 
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Much has been written about Freddie Mercury and even Queen - But not all has been said. This site which is the Official Web Site, contains just some quotes taken from a book called INNUENDOES (ISBN - 0-9531189-7-5).

Freddie was born 5th September 1946, his real name was Faroukh Bulsara. Although there are many different spellings of Freddie's first name Faroukh, this we have found to be the official spelling, hence us using it. Being born a Persian, Freddie was also born into the Zoroastrian Faith, and much of his beliefs surrounding this Faith, have been incorporated into the music of Queen. This comes under the title of The Lily and Phoenix story - which in itself, is part of the Queen Concept, which also incorporates the Cosmic battles between Ahriman and Ahura - as found in such songs as The March Of The Black Queen. Freddie moved to England with his parents when he was 18 years old, in 1964. Shortly after this, he attended college, where he took his exams. He became an artist for a children's book, whereby he drew pictures of Space. But finding this job somewhat constricting, he then went on into Music, which was were he felt, that he could really fulfil his dreams and ambitions. A few years after that, came Queen, and the Queen concept truly began to come to life. 

Freddie died from Aids November 24th 1991, aged 45. A special Zoroastrian Service was held, and his body was cremated and his Soul set free, as is the custom of the Zoroastrian Faith. 

His ashes were collected six months later, by Mary Austin. Freddie had asked that his ashes should be placed underneath the Cherry Tree in his back garden - so as he jokingly put it "he could keep an eye on everyone". 


Much of Freddie's history has been written about in detail within the book of INNUENDOES. This includes details of everything from his so-called Cocaine habit, to his habit of collecting Cats. Although a lot has been written about Freddie in other books, none talk about the real Freddie - as in the man behind the mask. So instead of the usual "Pop-Bumf" as found in most books, INNUENDOES, deals with what made Freddie tick, and what he was really like as a person. But however, as stated, much of the book has been written as a Detective Story - whereby you the Reader of the Book, or Listener of Queen Music, have been left to decide what Freddie's main hopes and dreams were, where his ambitions were concerned. 

For instance where the Spirit of Lily in connection to the making of music was concerned, Freddie would have had no problem dealing with the concept of Lily as a whole. If anything, Freddie would have ran the risk of becoming too personally involved with the actuality of Lily, as opposed to her remaining simply an idea or project. But then in all fairness, Freddie was brought up to make allowances for the fact that there is more to life than that which we see as being obvious, or of the so-called acceptable norm. For instance, accepting the fact that the Spiritual Realm is as in everyday life, and that the Afterlife exists. And as a result, there are many different Forces (Spirits) at work, anyone of which, could have a bearing on your life - such as with Lily. 

Apart from parties, and being a Pop-Star, Freddie was notorious for preferring strange and interesting people. He hated being bored and as such, he showed his distaste of boring people. He loved interesting conversations and would spend hours at a time, talking about everything from the Universe, to his cats, which he treasured like children almost. The makings of the Universe and subsequent theories were often a basis for serious discussion.

Although however, it should be pointed out, that Freddie was very particular about who he chose to talk with about such subjects. As a result, this is possibly one of the sides to Freddie, that eluded the notice of the public and as a result, not much is known publicly about Freddie's own personal interests. Although obviously, the Cosmic Battles and Struggles of his own religion were of conversational interest, just how much of it he discussed within his own circle, is all together debatable. 



For instance, within one circle of his friends, the subjects covered, would only consist of musical terms, whilst another group of friends, would be allowed so-called light banter. As for the lengths to which Lily was discussed, is again debatable. Often questions would arise, as to just what the meanings and implications of such statements as "The Phoenix rising from the Ashes" were, but more often than not, instead of giving a direct explanation, Freddie would simply shake his head, and then walk off. 

But then considering the nature of this book, it is hardly surprising really, is it? As for the actual involvement of Queen themselves, again personally I would say that they did not understand the full implications of what Freddie was planning to do, or perhaps that is just wishful thinking. Take for instance, when Freddie died. When the question - "How long have you known that Freddie had AIDS". The answers from the same person questioned, ranged from anything from a few months, to years. Such was the security of secrets held. But even though the Lily concept was totally different, it seems that it was equally as private. 

And even if she did turn in, and say "Guess what people, here I am and this is what I know", no one would stand up for her - would they, or would they? And even if they did stand up for her, what could they do. Just imagine if you were Lily; and were the one writing down all of this information; in a book just like INNUENDOES. How would you make yourself known if no-one knows about you and the people who do know, use the excuse that they can't be seen to be interfering. So much for secrets held - it kind of backfires doesn't it! So much for planting seeds - And as for Lily, well it looks as though she's been left to stand-alone.

But then you know what they say - There's no point in owning up to something that technically doesn't exist - After all Lily doesn't exist, she's only a Spirit. It's a case of the old adage - What you don't know, I don't have to worry about or divulge. There is another adage however, that states - Never talk about a plan, in case it doesn't work, so nothing is lost, and nothing is gained. It's a slight case of Damned if you do, and Damned if you don't. 

And anyway, the chances are that even if Freddie had explained that he had AIDS, or had explained the concept of Lily, and/or he had explained any of his personal beliefs, people wouldn't have understood him anyway. Because as with most things, people tend to see only that which suits them and as such, often get the wrong end of the stick. Needless to say though Freddie still had a big influence on those around him, even though most of his thoughts, he kept to himself. And those feelings that he did wish to express publicly such as with the case of Lily, he left in his music. 



Freddie knew exactly what he wanted from his music, and demanded perfection. And as such, those around him were often caught up in the frenzy to perfect the details and sounds of the songs. And if things weren't going right, or a song seemed to be taking far too long, he would often run the risk of almost exploding into a fit of anger, which highlighted his frustration as can be seen on the making of One Vision. The feeling of frustration, was one of Freddie's biggest problems, and it would often show itself through what most people would term as a temper tantrum. And the older Freddie got, the worst it got. 

He had been known to smash his forehead against a brick wall, until it bled, just through frustration. On another occasion, he had been known to completely smash an entire porcelain dinner set, which was worth thousands of pounds, just through a fit of rage. Although in later years, he did begin to calm down, it was only during the last three years of his life that he finally calmed down. 

Most of this inner frustration, was caused by the knowledge of having AIDS and not being about to do anything about it, or tell anyone about it - But some of his frustrations did come from other quarters. Freddie was often known to go off on one, for no apparent reason at all, and this would often get blamed - as mentioned earlier in the INNUENDOES book, on his so-called Female Counterpart - better known as Lily - be it joke or coincidence. But then to pull on foreign affairs, can sometimes have diverse effects, which is why this explanation was used by Freddie.



In Spiritual terms, "To Pull On", means to pull down, or drawn in - In other words, to be influenced by. To put this into more understandable terms, it can be likened to someone who is religious and pulls on GOD (say by praying) and then receives influence. Or take for instance, a young child who pulls on an older brother, and as such gains influence from that older brother. It should be pointed out however, that even if you do seek advice from other quarters, it is still for you to make the final judgement. Say for instance, your brother says go and steal a car - It's still for you to know better. And even where GOD is concerned, if it's wrong, then you know that GOD is only testing your morals. This is known as an Ahriman or a Trick of Ahriman, which is set to test you.

The diverse effects that Lily seemingly had on Freddie, ranged from everything such as pretending to be pregnant (which was only a joke at the time), to mood swings and displays of strange behaviour - he called it, living in someone's pocket. Just out of interest, if you have a close relationship with a Spirit, you might have shared dreams and experiences, which might account for the fact that Freddie nearly strangled a girlfriend (Barbara) in his sleep. It took several people to pull him off her throat - such was the frenzy of his dream, and the frenzy of Lily's experience perhaps. 

This so-called relationship with Lily, has been termed in the Fairy Tale as Freddie Breast Feeding himself - a term as used in such songs as Life Is Real. Other than that, Lily is referred to as a Cat (as in Queen = female cat). But however, perhaps the most important point to add about Lily, is the fact that Lily is a real person, as in a living person. And as such, many of the experiences that Lily had, were shared by Freddie, and visa-versa - hence Freddie's piss-take of Lily being Pregnant. As for the actual kind of relationship he had or has with Lily as the case may be, it's known as a Love/hate relationship. 


In many ways, it would be unfair to take direct quotes out of the book of INNUENDOES where Freddie's actual real life story is concerned. This in the main is due to the fact that if a quote were used for this Web Site, it would then be taken out of context, because as stated, most of this book deals with the "Man behind the Mask" as in the real Freddie. But perhaps one of the most prominent quotes as taken from this book, goes as so - 

"Once the party's over and you are left in the dark, life is still the same, ever diminishing, but never finishing - So much for the Throne".